Kaasmakerij Özgazi B.V. - Exporteur en producent van zachte witte kaas; feta-type.
Cheese factory Özgazi produces soft white cheese, also known as feta cheese. With a fully automated production line we produce more than 250,000 kilos of cheese daily made from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk.
Our company is Europe’s largest producer of soft white cheese, packed in cans under our own brand and for some 18 private label holders the products are sold worldwide.

Types of white cheese

Cheese from cow’s milk
Many consumers is Western and Northern Europe prefer a mild flavour, thus soft white cheese made from cow’s milk. As the fat content decreases, the cheese gets drier and more crumbly.

At Özgazi about 80% of the millions of kilos of all milk is cow’s milk.

Cheese from goat’s milk
Due to the lack of carotene in the goat’s milk, this type of cheese has a very white appearance. The goat puts this natural dye directly into vitamin A.

This milk is not standardized, meaning that the goat’s milk, without the skim milk, is processed up to 100% goat cheese. Those with a cow’s milk allergy, can definitely try the goat cheese.

Cheese from sheep’s milk
The white cheese from sheep’s milk has a slightly pale colour. This is caused by the milk fat. The whole sheep’s milk is processed into the soft white cheese with a fat content of 50+.


In 1992 Şerif Aktürk began with the production of feta cheese on a small location in Sliedrecht in The Netherlands. It soon became clear that this location was too small. In 1995 Özgazi moved southwards Etten – Leur, where 2,000 square meters was rented at the Nijverheidsweg. In Etten-Leur the company rapidly grew and mister Aktürk decided to buy the land and all buildings on the Nijverheidsweg 39 .

Of the millions of kilos of milk,  approximately 75 million kilos in the past year, which is about 80% cow’s milk was processed into white cheese. Goat’s and sheep’s milk are also processed into soft cheese in brine .

We produce white cheese for some 18 private label holders who distribute the products worldwide; from Germany to Azerbaijan and from Australia to the United States. We are also constantly following product developments and if needed we implement certain changes in our production process. Next to that the products are marketed under our own brand or through the private label holders .

With a fully automated production line we produce about 250,000 kilos of cheese daily. Our company also developed advanced packaging lines for automated packaging of cheese in cans , pots and buckets of various sizes.

“Sustainability is in business decisions as well as in pursuing a higher operating efficiency to exploit the opportunities for a better environment and wellbeing of employees and society.”

Cheese factory Özgazi stands for quality and also for focusing on sustainability. Several processors have been designed which regenerate heat and cold. Both the regenerative heat exchange and the released water in the evaporation process of the whey are re-used in the precleaning and the CHIP. This results in a considerable saving of about 80% on water use and energy consumption.

A good-functioned quality management is an important tool for effective management of the business. It is the guiding principle for the quality and continuity of Özgazi.

The company also ensures the coordination of quality assurance in the production of cans with partner Unimpack B.V.

Cheese factory Özgazi has obtained various certifications. These allow the company to demonstrate that it meets quality standards.




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